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Top Tips For Athletes To Take Care Of Their Feet

Nancy Peters
August 16, 2022

Nail fungus can be found in almost any environment. It prefers to live in warm, damp, and dark places, such as feet that spend the majority of their time inside shoes.

One of the reasons athletes are more likely to develop toenail fungus is because, while running and working out, they experience repetitive trauma to their feet and toes. As a result, the nails may deform and lift, create an opening for the fungus to gain easy access to the enclosed space under the nail.  Also, having your feet inside moist environment (shoes) and using shared showering facilities at a gym predispose you to fungal infection. So, if you are an athlete and looking for effective ways to take care of your feet or toes, keep reading this blog post till the end.

Tips For Athletes To Take Care of Their Feet and Toes

The following are the most effective tips athletes can add to their routine to avoid nail fungus and take care of their feet and toes. 

Inspect Your Nails After Working Out or Running

If you experience pain or discomfort with your toes, particularly your nails, figure out why. One common cause can be your shoes. Make sure to get fitted regularly for shoes, as our feet often change sizes as we get older or fluctuate in weight.

Wear Moisture-Wicking Socks

Make sure to change socks frequently (anytime they are damp) and never rewear socks unless they have been properly laundered.

Never Go Barefoot 

This goes without saying, but fungus lives in communal spaces. Avoid going barefoot in shared areas like public locker rooms, showers, and pools to avoid fungus hotspots. Make sure to always wear sandals when using these hotspots. 

Toenails Should Trimmed

Toe nails that are properly trimmed are particularly important for athletes, as longer nails can ramp up your risk of injury. However, rather than rounding your nails, keep your toes trimmed in a square shape. A toe with a square shape is less likely to dig into your skin and cause an ingrown toenail, which is another source of infection and throbbing pain. 

Don’t Pull Your Toenail

Do not attempt to treat an infected, black, or ingrown toenail on your own. Pulling your toenail can rip your nail bed and make the situation worse. Seek the advice of a professional podiatrist if your nail requires treatment. 

Look for the safest and Effective Prescription Therapy

If you have yellow, brittle, discolored nails, you should look for prescription therapy. This prescription therapy includes medications that can treat the fungus in your toenails safely and help you achieve healthier nails.

As an athlete, taking care of your feet or toenails is important as it will impact your overall performance. When you see the first sign of nail fungus, you should immediately get it checked and get the right treatment. 

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