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Why Does Your Nail Fungus Keep Coming Back?

Nancy Peters
July 7, 2022

Fungal infection usually begins as a small white or yellow patch on your toenail. All too quickly, the fungus consumes the entire nail, infecting your neighboring nails as well. This results in disintegrating and unattractive toenails that you must conceal. These infections are notoriously tough to treat, but not impossible, especially if the proper medication is obtained. In this blog post, we will discuss the origins of nail fungus, why it may reoccur, and some techniques to attempt to prevent it.

What Exactly Causes Nail Fungus?

When fungi, yeast, or mold enter the skin, they cause nail fungus. These infections are more likely to affect toes than fingernails and are linked to athlete’s foot. Symptoms include yellow, brown, and white staining of the nail, as well as thickness, breaking, and/or brittleness. If left untreated, the infected site can become painful.

Broken nails, tight shoes; going barefoot in wet environments such as swimming pools, and public showers; a weaker immune system; diabetes, poor blood circulation in your legs; and other skin problems such as psoriasis are all risk factors for nail fungus. You may even be genetically predisposed to developing nail fungus.

How to Stop Your Nail Fungus From Coming Back

If you expose your feet to the same environment where they were previously infected, they will become infected again. Wear flip-flops or other appropriate shower shoes instead of strolling barefoot through community spaces such as public pools and showers. Just make sure you clean and dry your feet properly afterward.

When getting a pedicure, make sure the facility is clean, licensed, and follows state regulations. The nail technicians should sanitize their tools after each use. If not, this could be the cause of your toenail fungus. It's time to discover a new favorite hangout!

If you've taken nail fungus medicine or used anti-fungal creams or polishes and then stopped using them at the first sign of healthier nails, this could be why your nail fungus returns. Although the fungus appears to be gone, some that aren't apparent to the naked eye may still be present. If treatment is stopped too soon, some of the remaining fungi may keep growing, making it look like a new infection.

The long and short of it is that nail cleanliness is critical in preventing nail fungus. Check that the shoes you're wearing fit properly and aren't too tight. When you go to the local pool or gym locker room, wear protective footwear. Remember to keep your feet clean and dry.

Getting the Right Toenail Fungus Treatment

One of the most successful ways to treat toenail fungus is to detect it early when topical antifungal medicines are still effective. You may help by keeping your toenails clipped and filed down to leave as few nails as possible for the infection to latch onto. If your toenail fungus has already taken over your nails, treatment will be more challenging. Therefore, when you notice the initial symptoms of toenail fungus, get the right medication at Caratin Rx. 

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