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Searching online for the best nail fungus treatment?

Let’s face it: over-the-counter fungal products and home remedies don’t really work for toenail and fingernail fungus. And prescription oral medications have downsides - from blood tests and rare side effects, to giving up coffee and alcohol.

Our Caratin Rx topical prescription combines 3 powerful, prescription medications into 1 easy-to-apply formula that provides results. Available online only at Caratin Rx.

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Tanvee M.


"I’ve had toe nail fungus for years. Definitely got it from the nail salon. I started using the toenail fungus medication on my big toe and am blown away by my progress. The Caratin doctor said to give toes about 12+ months, but I’m only on month 4 and am seeing serious results already. I refuse to take oral medications because I am wary of side effects so the topical is perfect for me to be able to still treat the fungus. And for the price and convenience you really can’t beat what Caratin has to offer!

In treatment, 4 Months of Caratin use

Stephanie L.

New York

“I’m convinced that I got this from get nails and the UV light. And probably pushing my cuticles back. I am blown away by how quickly this has healed. The speed of progress is amazing. The topical works and the supplements have made the new growth fast.”

In treatment, 3 Months of Caratin use

Teresa C.


I can’t thank you enough. That’s how I feel. I’ve just been going with this problem from doctor to doctor. I’ve had two bouts of terbinafine. Caratin is the only thing that’s worked. I’m in the fashion business, and at this point, I want you to know, I’m saying to heck with pretty it’s all about healthy!

in treatment, 3 Months of caratin use

Sonja W.


"How are things going? All I can say is, 'lookin' good!'"

in treatment, 4 months of caratin use
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Other topical prescriptions can cost over $600, even with insurance.

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toeNail and fingernail Fungus Affects
15% of the U.S. Population Today

That’s approximately 50 million Americans. Although everyone can get fingernail and toenail fungus, there is a higher incidence in certain populations such as athletes, in particular swimmers and runners, hikers, cyclists, and marathoners. The increase also happens as we get older, and in people with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, poor circulation, or prior fingernail and toenail trauma. For more details check out our articles.