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Let’s face it: over the counter fungal products don’t work. And prescription oral medications have downsides - from blood tests and rare side effects, to giving up coffee and alcohol.

Our Caratin prescription topical medications provide results without worry and hassle.

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Real results from caratin customers

Tanvee M.

Age 41.

"I’ve had toe nail fungus for years. Definitely got it from the nail salon. I started using the topical on my big toe and am blown away by my progress. The Caratin doc said to give toes about 12+ months, but I’m only on month 4 and am seeing serious results already. I refuse to take oral medications because I am wary of side effects so the topical is perfect for me to be able to still treat the fungus. And for the price and convenience you really can’t beat what Caratin has to offer!

4 Months of Caratin use

Sally J.

Age 49.

“For years I had gross toenails. I skipped beach trips, pool parties, and really anything requiring bare feet.  I’ve tried lots of over-the-counter products to no success.  I’ve been using Caratin every night consistently for months. Thank you Caratin for helping me bare my toes again.”

4 Months of Caratin use

Tom F.

Age 37

“I took up running during the pandemic and love it - except for what it did to my big toe. Apparently, it’s common for runners to get toenail fungus because we are tough on our feet. I heard about caratin from my neighbor who had a funky toenail. I finished month 9 of the treatment and my nail fungus has cleared.”

9 Months of caratin use

Alice P.

Age 32

“I'm embarrassed to admit, but I got athlete's foot which then turned into toenail fungus. I blame it on the hours spent in the pool and locker room showers. I tried it all - stuff from the drug store and the expensive prescriptions. Nothing worked like caratin's formula and I'm happy to report my toes are looking much healthier.”

4 Months of caratin use

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Other topical prescriptions can cost over $600, even with insurance.

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"I was incredibly stressed by a yellow and brittle thumbnail. I tried it all, but nothing worked like Caratin’s. I wish I had it years ago.”

“...After trying every product to fix an unsightly toenail, I felt I had run out of options.  Couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment for over 3 months. I found Caratin on google and got my first prescription in less than 5 days.”

“...I got quoted $600 for a prescription my doctor called in. I wasn’t willing to pay that every month for a year to fix my toenail fungus. When my friend told me about Caratin I signed up right away."

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Nail Fungus Affects
10% of the U.S. Population Today

That’s approximately 33 million people. Although anyone is susceptible to this disease, there is a higher incidence in certain populations such as athletes, in particular swimmers and runners, hikers, cyclists, and marathoners. The increase also happens as we get older, and in people with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, poor circulation, or prior foot trauma. For more details check out our articles.