The Topical

The Topical is a powerful nail fungus fighting prescription treatment. Get 3 prescription ingredients in 1 formulation, customized for you.

4.85/5 stars
475 reviews
  • Average course of treatment for finger nails is 6-months
  • Average course of treatment for toe nails is 12-months
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How it works +

Our prescription ingredients, which are proven to fight nail fungus individually, are now working together in one formulation.  Our medication is also specially formulated to penetrate the nail where fungus lives.

How to apply +

Shake well to activate the formula. Apply daily to each infected clean (no nail polish) nail, covering the entire nail. Make sure to apply under the front of the nail and on the skin bordering the nail. Allow for formula to dry. Do not apply nail polish on top of The Topical. We recommend applying at bedtime or at least 8 hours prior to bathing. A freshly compounded bottle will be shipped to you every 30 days.

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