Why Caratin?

The Science

Prescription treatment your way: get The Topical, The Oral, or both*
The Topical: get 3 powerful prescription ingredients in one formulation
Preventative formulations to maintain healthy nails

The model

Physician evaluation within a day
Virtual care from the convenience of your home
Ongoing support from your caratin team


Treatment starts under $1 a day
FSA/HSA eligible
Shipping and handling always free
* Requires physician evaluation and prescription

Real results from caratin customers

Sally J.

Age 49.

“For years I had gross toenails. I skipped beach trips, pool parties, and really anything requiring bare feet.  I’ve tried lots of over-the-counter products to no success.  I’ve been using Caratin every night consistently for months. Thank you Caratin for helping me bare my toes again.”

4 Months of Caratin use

Tom F.

Age 37

“I took up running during the pandemic and love it - except for what it did to my big toe. Apparently, it’s common for runners to get toenail fungus because we are tough on our feet. I heard about caratin from my neighbor who had a funky toenail. I finished month 9 of the treatment and my nail fungus has cleared.”

9 Months of caratin use

Alice P.

Age 32

“I'm embarrassed to admit, but I got athlete's foot which then turned into toenail fungus. I blame it on the hours spent in the pool and locker room showers. I tried it all - stuff from the drug store and the expensive prescriptions. Nothing worked like caratin's formula and I'm happy to report my toes are looking much healthier.”

4 Months of caratin use