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Ski-Boots: A Fungus Breeding Ground

Nancy Peters
December 2, 2022

Ski boots are designed to keep feet warm in snowy weather. However, the sweat that builds in ski boots creates the perfect environment for fungus. There are several ways to prevent and treat foot fungus during skiing season. 

Why People Who Ski Are More Prone To Fungus

Ski boots are classified into four types: alpine (also known as downhill), telemark, alpine touring, and cross-country. You need to consider their comfort level and benefits when buying ski boots. People who ski are more prone to fungus because some boots absorb moisture from your feet and dry them out. Even if you have fungus on your feet, the body’s natural skin and nail protection will keep it out. However, when your skin and nails get too dry, they crack and weaken, allowing the fungus to break through weak points and take hold. 

How to Prevent Toenail Fungus When Wearing Ski-Boots

First, make sure you choose ski boots that fit well and give you enough support. If you rent your ski gear, bring your own ski socks to ensure they fit. Ensure your nails are trimmed. 

Ski boots do not often have in-built arch support, which can be painful and damage toenails, providing access to any fungus growing within the shoes. A comfortable insole with excellent arch support can save you time, pain, and a trip to the podiatrist.

Lastly, if you start to feel pain in/around your nails, don’t ignore it. When your body hurts, it's trying to tell you something, and many clinical issues complicate when one ignores the pain and keeps going. You should see your podiatrist before and after a ski trip to ensure you don't have nail problems that can be exacerbated. When you get back from skiing, it's best to get a quick checkup, especially if you're in pain or otherwise uncomfortable. Podiatrists can also offer advice on ways to keep your feet safe while you’re on the slopes.

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